04 Apr

  Identifying reliable social support is a crucial intervention for decreasing readmissions in midlife to elderly patients in a skilled nursing center. Collaboration between the nursing department, social workers and administration is a small intervention throughout the patient’s inpatient stay; additional social support resources will decrease the risk of readmission; multiple resources will benefit the patient long-term. Kripalani, Theobald, Anctil, & Vasilevskis (2014) found that transition of care availability is used to reduce hospital readmissions as it will also improve patient safety at discharge and increase resources for the patient. Reinforcing education regarding access and the use of social support will improve the patient’s condition and will bring awareness to the patient about the importance of support and the impact it has on reducing skilled nursing center risk for readmissions in people with depression and anxiety. Social Support from group therapy and community resources and medical staff provided resources that added to existing network support (Reblin & Uchino, 2008).  Make sure you have identified reliable social support networks including family, friends and community.

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