What is TCM?

Transitional care management (TCM) are services provided to a patient with medical and or psychosocial problems requiring either moderate or high complexity.  These services are for patients that are discharged from one of the following to home:
Inpatient acute care hospital
Long-term care hospital
Skilled nursing facility
Inpatient rehabilitation Facility
Hospital outpatient observation or partial hospitalization

7 or 14 day visits

These are visits that will take place either in the patients home or in-office and within 7 or 14 calendar days of discharge. The time period depends on the complexity of the persons medical illness.  For example: Mr. XYZ was discharged on Friday (April 12), the 2 day call would take place by Tuesday (April 16, 2 business days) and the 7 day face-face visit would take place by the next Tuesday (April 23).

What does 2 day after discharge call intail?

This meeting can be done by a phone call or electronically and will occur 2 days after discharge.  We will collect information regarding: care management, medication compliance, other medical services and needs 

If needed are labs and x-rays covered under TCM?

If labs are required and you have insurance, your insurance company will be billed from the lab/x-ray company, and your insurance company will be charged a lab draw fee from Practitioners Community Service.  If you are private pay, you will be billed from the lab/x-ray company with additional payment required to Practitioners Community  Service for lab draw.

What if I need additional services ?

The TCM visits include the post 2-day discharge call and face-face visit, if there are questions that can be answered over the phone regarding the diagnosis that you were discharged with, there will be no additional charge.  Any new medical necessity will be charged according.

Will I still have to pay my insurance co-pay/deductable?

You are still responsible for paying your co-pay/deductible prior to a visit for TCM..

Can I use this service with home health?

Yes, as long as the home health service is not covering a Physician or Nurse Practitioner 30 day (TCM) visit.

In the event of emergency call 911 immediately!


What is Cryoskin

Yes, as long as the home health service is not covering a Physician or Nurse Practitioner 30 day (TCM) visit.

What insurance do you participate with

We are in-network with: WellCare, Medicare, Medicaid and United Health Care.
We also take, but are out of network for: BCBS and Tricare