About the Practitioner

About the Practitioner About the Practitioner About the Practitioner

Practitioners Community Care (PCC) is a solo-practice ran by a Nurse Practitioner who saw the need for helping the community stay well. With over 20 years working as an Registered Nurse before obtaining a Bacholors Science in Nursing and then a Masters Science in Nursing; Sheila Littles, then obtained her Adult-Geriatric Advanced Practice Registered Nurse licence/Nurse Practitioner in the state of Georgia. Sheila has completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in 2019. She enjoys helping others through kindness and within the medical aspects of her license. Her hobbies include fishing, motorcycle riding, swimming, watching boxing and spending time with her family.
Degrees Held: Associates of Science
                          Associates of Applied Science
                          Bachelor of Science in Nursing
                          Masters of Science in Nursing
                          Doctor of Science in Nursing (pending)