12 week Medical Weight Loss

Coming in May 2020: Cryoskin a slimming treatment that reduces body fat

Disease Management


Sick Visits

Medication Refill


SNF and ALF visit

Push Health medical care: 🤢

Convenient Care
Push Health makes it easy to request medical care when you need it. Automated notifications for prescriptions and lab results put your mind at ease.
Hassle-Free Lab Testing
Push Health is integrated with the largest U.S. lab company, Quest Diagnostics, to deliver seamless access to top quality lab testing at affordable prices. No mystery bills are allowed!
Trusted Provider
Push Health is invite only access to a trusted medical provider. Rather than ask the internet, send Sheila Littles, DNP a secure message.
Your Health Care Records
Nothing likes to be trapped in a medical clinic, including your health care records. Your prescription information, lab results, and secure messages are yours -always.
Clear Pricing
All fees (if any) are clearly displayed. Push Health aims for 100% price transparency. Pay with any credit / debit card or your Health Savings Account.
Secure & Simple
Push Health is HIPAA compliant and built with bank-level security and encryption.

Easily & privately connect with:
Sheila Littles, DNP
Send and receive secure messages
Request help with a few clicks Save a trip to the office
Lab testing at Quest Diagnostics*
100% price transparency
Register for free today. Enter code: SLittles or hit link: Online medical care for prescription refills, labs and minor illness

*Lab testing not available in all states. Check with Sheila Littles, DNP.